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Television: Top 20 Most Popular TV Shows of the Noughties

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Apparently the following television shows were The Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties... as voted by British viewers..

right20. Dragon's Den
Business programmes became cool and sort of sexy when for years previously were only presented by old boring bald men..

19. I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!
Celebrities were revered then suddenly we wanted to see them struggle because we hated them..

18. Strictly Come Dancing
Great entertainment with the bling factor!
17. Spooks
Involved ruthless brutal spies and where world events even influenced show, e.g. London bombings were scripted then it actually happened! - kinda sensationalist, leaving a sense of paranoia etc

16. Coronation Street
Serial killers became fashionable in Corrie in the noughties amid the fluffier funnier storylines - Remember Richard Hillman, Tony Gordon anyone?

15. Gavin & Stacey
A critic-pleasing, gentle and warm comedy about the romance between an Essex lad and Welsh girl, popular in the UK..

14. Grand Designs
Host Kevin McCloud follows different couples/families trying to build/improve properties - property types can go from the downright stupid to the most high class and dignified!

right13. Shameless
Critically acclaimed and deemed brilliantly funny among TV critics, award-winning writer Paul Abbott's drama features the Chatsworth Estate's Gallaghers - probably the UK's most dysfunctional family. In all fairness, it's very much an acquired taste!

12. Harry Hill's TV Burps
Bald barmy BAFTA winning comedian Harry Hill takes you on a surreal ride around the past week on television in the UK. He parodies scenes from popular programmes such as "Eastenders", "Coronation Street" and "Life on Mars", and presents his own unique and sometimes bizarre observations - complete nut job!

11. Friends
A well aired but classic sitcom based around six twenty-something New-Yorkers that ran for 10 years! Brilliant and deserving.

10. Life On Mars
Detective chief inspector Sam Tyler travels back in time from 2006 to 1973 after a car accident knocks him into a coma - a cross between Back To The Future and The Sweeney!

9. Planet Earth
"A landmark television series...5 years in the making...2,000 days of shooting...204 locations...this is your world...prepare to see it...as never before..." etc

left8. The Office
A mockumentary series telling the story of a few people working in a British office working hard to not lose their jobs. Created by Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant, this hilarious comedy won a Golden Globe award for best comedy series, has been sold in over 60 countries and has been remade for American television.

7. The Simpsons
Currently in its 21st season, this animated yellow family and the other residents of Springfield have us in stitches every episode with their fearless satirical take on politics, media and American life in general. A pop culture icon!
6. The X-Factor
The continually popular music talent show spear-headed by creator Simon Cowell, the infamous American Idol judge is set to launch the American version of the show on FOX in autumn of 2011. Here's hoping he finds another Susan Boyle on American soil. Get this: Cowell is quite possibly offering the largest prize in television history: a $5 million record deal with Syco, a joint venture between Cowell and Sony Music!

right5. Q.I.
The show that goes head to head with today's modern world - the information age - What is life? What is consciousness? How did the universe begin and when will it end? As Q.I. proves, we know a lot less about the universe, and even ourselves, than we previously thought. Forget about the questions nobody has answers to. Immerse yourself in the Quite Interesting world of QI and you'll never be bored again..

4. Britain's Got Talent
The show that searches the UK for the next big variety act is on with popular comedians and hosts Ant and Dec - I must be unique because I've never seen the appeal and I hate most of the judges!

3. Dr. Who
"I'm the Doctor, run for your life!" - This UK television staple, Doctor Who was completely redone for the 21st century by the BBC, bringing the show back in 2005 after its cancellation in 1989. The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) brought more secrets and dark sides of this universe. An adventure into time and space for the whole family..

2. The Apprentice
Ahh, the business show that sees candidates separated into two teams, competing against each other for a position working for Sir Alan Sugar. Each week the candidates take part in a task set by Sir Alan, and each team will nominate a Project Manager for that task. (Personally I rate the Irish equivalent with Bill Cullen higher than the British for reasons such as better tasks, personal challenges, competition and good old fashioned entertainment value..

left1. Top Gear
This series has been voted the 'Best TV show every year for 10 years!' I think its popularity is due its irreverent approach to motoring. Although it's a show about cars, the vehicles take a backseat to the humour and the priceless chemistry between the show's presenters. This used to be just an informative show but now its format is set around challenges which makes it definitively more exciting!

Has anyone noticed that Big Brother, a show that ran for 10 years through the noughties era on Channel 4 and jump-started the 'Reality TV' wave didn't even get a look in? Interesting..


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